Whataburger Menu Wherever You May Go

Here we go again!   After a fun little gathering last night chatting about the nature of fast food and how it would be helpful to have menu’s ahead of time for long family road trips, Whataburger and it’s menu came up.   As so many folks really enjoy their Whataburger, we decided to add their menu to our site so that it can be accessible anywhere, easily.Whataburger_logo

Whataburger began it’s influential gastronomy in San Antonio, Texas and has now spread across America.

Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson, in the middle of the 20th century decided they wanted to own a burger joint that would “make a better burger that took two hands to hold and tasted so good that when you took a bite you would say ‘What a burger!'”  It was summertime in 1950 when Dobson received the Whataburger trademark. In August of that year they opened their first location on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, across from Del Mar College.[1][5] The store sold burgers for 25 cents, and also sold drinks and chips.[1]

From their forward, they expanded and expanded and now have hundreds of cities across the United States of America proclaiming “What A Burger!!”

And now, without further ado., the menu!