The Panera Bread Menu and You

Hi all!   So we have decided to add fast food intel to our website.   As so many folks who are consuming the meat that is in meatloaf, are also consuming it at thousands of quick service restaurants across the country,  we figured it would be prudent to help y’all find out what is available!

Please find the image inserted below.   They really do have quite an assortement and if you have ever been to a Panera Bread anywhere in America you know, (at least in my experience) that they do a heck of a job!  They serve good food, fast and fresh.    Our favorites are actually the broccolli cheddar bowl and the ice water.. yes.. the ice water. Hahah.. that;s probably because the last I had it was on a very hot Summer day.

Anywho, please let us know any other menus that you would like to see.  We are considering adding the steak and shake menu with nutrition facts as well as Fatburger.  But more to come on that later.

Without further ado.. Bon Appetite!

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