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Meatloaf Products

meatloaf with greenbeans and mashed potatoesTalking about comfort foods, meatloaf will top the list any day. Well, what can be better than a soft and savory mound of meat loaf covered in brown gravy with whipped potatoes and sweet corn as side? Yes. If you go gaga over meaty meals, this will definitely make your day. Complete the meal with caramel-apple dessert and you are the happiest person on earth.

Whipping up your favorite meatloaf meal might apparently seem pretty daunting. But with the right equipment and the best meal recipes; making this dish is no big deal at all. In case you are still wondering how to get things done in a jiffy, here is a complete guideline that will give you amazing snippets on your favorite meal. Keep reading to know more about your meatloaf and how you can enjoy this with different tweaks of seasonings and sides.

History of Meatloaf Products

Although meatloaf is an American delight its origin however is European. This was at first mentioned in a roman cookbook in 5th century named Apicius. The recipe mentioned in the roman book was basically minced meat mixed with bread and wine. This was changed in many ways by centuries. It is traditionally German, Belgian and Scandinavian food. The American meatloaf came into existence in 1800s after the invention of meat grinder. Meatloaf is actually a cousin of Dutch meatball. In the 1940s, meatloaf got the status of a dinner food and was massively adapted by the American families and rest is known to everyone.


Must-Have Meatloaf Products

Well, if you go gaga over meatloafs then there are a couple of products that are indeed worth investing in. From meatloaf seasonings, mixed sauces, baking pans to different variants of this loaf, there are a couple of products that every meat lover should go for. In case you are completely baffled regarding your choice of products, here is list that will help you filter your options and finally end up with the best.

Brenda’s meatloaf mix sauce

This is one of the most lip-smacking sauces that will add an entirely new definition to your meaty delights. Made from completely natural ingredients, this is a Southwestern-style mix loaded with seasonings and vegetables that will make your meal even more delectable. To get it cooked the right away, take 2 lbs of your favorite meat, and add a jar of this sauce along with a cup of rice flour / bread crumbs and one egg. Squish the entire mixture until it is perfectly combined. The better you prepare the mixture, the better will be the final outcome. Now, form it in the shape of meatloaves and get it cooked at 350 degrees for one to one and a half hours. Your favorite meal is now ready!!

Mc Cormick’s seasoning mix

If you are looking out for a healthy, delicious and classic homestyle meatloaf meal; this seasoning mix is exactly what you need. The mix comes with a perfect blend of flavors that renders a home style taste every time you want.

Try the different variants of meatloaf

What can work better than experimenting with your favorite meat styles? Well, nowadays, in addition to the conventional classic meatloaf, there are a couple of more meat variants that will truly entice your taste buds. Some of the best ranges of these loaves include- the champignon loaf, pepper loaf, pizza style loaf, parsley loaf and ham loaf. Each of these meatloaf variants are loaded with flavors and amazing seasonings. These variants not only satisfy your tounge only but also please your eyes.Try them to add a dash of innovation to your regular meat meals.


Top 10 favorite products on Amazon

If you are truly obsessed with the lip smacking flavors of your favorite meatloaf, here is list of top 10 meatloaf products on Amazon that will truly redefine your cooking experience.


#1 Meatloaf: Recipes for everyone’s favorite

This book comes with the coolest and easiest recipes for cooking your favorite comfort food. Written by Maryana Vollstedt, it features some truly lip smacking recipes. Whether it is the conventional, classic version of your loaf or an experimental style with crumb and horse-radish toppings; this cookbook has it all.


#2 Five shapes mold for making meat loafs

If you are looking out to experiment with the style and structure of your favorite meatloaf meal, this mold can be a great buy.


#3 Non stick meatloaf cooking pan from Evelots

This is a perfect kitchen equipment for making fluffy and delectable meat loafs. While the non stick surface will help in quick release, the base of the pan will make it easier to drain the fat while you cook.


#4 The Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook: Comfort Food with a Twist

“People are raving about The Meatloaf Bakery’s tasty creations, and now its founder, Cynthia Kallile, brings her bakery-inspired savory treats from her Windy City shop to your kitchen table. Make every meal memorable with these flavorful twists on everyone’s favorite comfort food.”


#5 Top 50 Meat loaf Recipes

Written by Nancy Kelsy, this book will help you to add a twist to your regular, classic meat loaf recipes with a couple of different sides, veggies, seasonings and even fruits. It features sumptuous recipes like the mini spinach and cheese meatloaf, cheeseburger loaves and Mexican loaves.


#6 Fifty-One best easy meatloaf recipes

If you are a newbie in cooking who is just getting started with cooking meat, this cookbook is exactly what you need. Written by Kelly Deane, this book has a, variety loaf recipes including the deer loaf, Greece style loaf, One Step Loaf and so on.


#7 Digital meat food thermometer from Doxgo

Looking out to make the most perfectly flavored meat loaf? Well, this digital food thermometer will totally help you in that by giving accurate measurements of your food’s temperature, right away. To add to that, it comes with a LCD display and a stainless probe, which is meant to protect your hands from the high temperature, while the meal is being cooked.


#8 Meatlof set from Chef Tony

This meat cooking set backed by a bacon tray set gets your meaty delicacies cooked in a jiffy. It is widely popular among customers for its durability and a specific tweak the lets you remove the loaf easily from the pan.


#9 Ultimate Bakery Cookbook for making meat loaves

Discover every small detail that you had to know while cooking meatloaves with this incredibly useful cookbook. Not only does it feature the best recipes, but it also comes with a set of guidelines and tips for cooking your meals better.


#10 Dobi Loaf Pans

If you are looking out to make fluffy and beautiful meatloaves; the Dobi loaf Pans can be an excellent option. It heats your loaves evenly and ensures that there is a complete burst of flavors when your meal is ready.


Most Popular Chefs making meatloaf

Nothing can be an easier or simpler dish other than meatloaf. And what is better when this dish is whipped up by your favorite chefs? Well, that is exactly what we have listed here. Following is a list of the best meatloaf recipes for popular chefs round the globe. Each of the recipes, have been handpicked by these Chefs and are perfected with simple instructions. Not only are they incredibly delicious, easy to cook, but are also made from ingredients that are widely available. So look no further and check them out to take your foodie experience to the next level.

Sophie Thompson’s classic meatloaf recipe

As we all know, Sophie Thompson is a celebrity chef who won the Masterchef title for her impeccable recipes. Here, she experiments with the classic meatloaf style to whip up something truly fascinating for meatloaf enthusiasts like you and me.

Get started with the meal by heating your oven to 200 degree Celsius. Right after this, get some oil heated in a big frying pan and add some garlic, onion and carrot. Cook until the veggies are softened. As soon as they soften, add some thyme and keep cooking for a couple of more minutes.

Follow this up, by whipping up a mixture of eggs, tomato ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce and Tabasco. Get your sun dried tomatoes finely chopped and add it to the mixture. Season it with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. Now add the beef mince, bread crumbs and cooled veggies to this mixture. Use your hands to squish them. Make them in the shape of a loaf and finally get it cooked in your oven for 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes. Your classic meatloaf is now ready to be served.

Ina Garten’s special meatloaf

Celebrity chef Ina Garten enjoys cooking meatloaves and loves experimenting with different flavors. This recipe is a simple one with easy ingredients.

For this, first get your oven preheated at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow this up by cooking well seasoned, onions, garlic and thyme over a medium to low heat. Stir occasionally for 8-10 until your onions among the veggies are translucent. Let it cool.

Now take a huge bowl and add tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce and a cup of chicken stock. You will then have to combine the ground meat, veggie mixture, eggs and breadcrumbs to this mixture. Use a fork to squish it, but make sure it is not squished too much. You will then have to give this mixture rectangular shape and get it baked for one to one hour forty minutes. Evenly spread tomato ketchup on top and keep it under an internal temperature of 160 degrees Farhenheit. Well, that is all you have to do because your favorite meatloaf is now ready. Serve it hot to enjoy the classic flavor oozing out of the meat. This recipe is both simple and also hassle free for people who are even just getting started with meaty cooking.

Prison style meatloaf by Chef John

According to this leading chef, the main idea behind this style of meatloaf is simply to show you what exactly happens when you follow your grandparents’ cooking style.

Begin by preheating your oven up to 325 degrees and greasing a 13 inches’ baking tray. Now, while heating olive oil and butter in a large pan, add some onions, get it seasoned and cook until it is soft and translucent. Add some garlic and sauté the mixture until you get a typical smell.

As soon as you have done this, take another container and add bread crumbs in it. Couple it with some milk and stir along with a fork until the breadcrumbs perfectly capture the milk. Squish the mixture with your hands to get rid of the excessive meat. This will take about fifteen to twenty minute,

You will now have to whip up a mixture of combined ground chuck, cheese, parsley, the old onion mixture and salt & pepper. Keep stirring the mixture until it gets combined the right way. Now, bake this mixture in your preheated oven at 160 degree F for around one hour ten minutes. Your meatloaf will soon be beautifully prepared oozing out the best flavors.

Advances in cooking technology

Nowadays, there have been latest advancements in the cooking technology for coming up with better and tad more delectable meatloaves. You can always make your pick from a string of products like the non stick loaf tray, meat mold maker, digital food thermometer and so on to make your loaves better than ever. These products not only make your cooking easier, but they also ensure that none of the fat is wasted while getting your meal cooked. Go for them to enjoy a cooking experience like never before.

Vegetarian options

If you are a vegan who stays away from meat, the too you can try some alternative veggie options for the same meaty taste. You can always make your pick from the bean and lentil loaf, mushroom and sundried tomatoes loaf, sweet potato and lentil loaf, chickpea loaf and even vegan mini loaf. The veggies used here are almost the same except a couple of minor tweaks. The veggie loafs too are no less than the conventional variants and taste equally awesome.

So now that you know everything that you always wanted to know about cooking and preparing meatloaves, follow this guideline to end up with the best cooked meaty meal that you often crave. The recipes and guidelines mentioned here won’t disappoint you.