Zaxby’s is a fast casual restaurant chain offering primarily chicken food such as wings, fingers, and sandwiches. Zaxby’s prices are comparable to that of other fast food chicken restaurants such as Chic-fil-A and KFC. Other than selling chicken wings and sandwiches, Zaxby’s also offers salads, baskets, appetizers, and desserts. If you’re ordering for a group of people, then Zaxby’s is the perfect choice because you can get great deals on their Party Platterz meals.

Most Popular

Chicken Finger PlateRegular$7.27
Chicken Finger PlateLarge$9.51
Buffalo Chicken Finger PlateRegular$7.83
Buffalo Chicken Finger PlateLarge$10.07
Wings & ThingsBoneless$7.60
Wings & ThingsTraditional$8.72
Large Wings & ThingsBoneless$9.84
Large Wings & ThingsTraditional$10.96
Buffalo Wings & ThingsBoneless$7.94
Buffalo Wings & ThingsTraditional$9.06
Large Buffalo Wings & ThingsBoneless$10.40
Large Buffalo Wings & ThingsTraditional$11.52

Meal Dealz

Big Zax Snak® Meal$6.71
Buffalo Big Zax Snak® Meal$7.04
Boneless Wings Meal$6.15
Buffalo Wings Meal$7.27
Chicken Finger Sandwich Meal$6.71
Kickin Chicken Sandwich$4.47
Kickin Chicken Sandwich Meal$6.71
Gameday Fillet Sandwich $3.91
Gameday Fillet Sandwich Meal $6.15
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.47
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal$6.48
Nibblerz® Meal$7.04
Chicken Salad Sandwich$4.47
Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal$6.15
Zaxby’s Club Sandwich $5.59
Cajun Club Sandwich$5.59

Wings & Fingerz

Traditional5 Pc.$5.59
Traditional10 Pc.$10.07
Traditional20 Pc.$19.03
Boneless5 Pc.$4.47
Boneless10 Pc.$7.83
Boneless20 Pc.$14.55
Chicken Fingerz5 Pc.$5.03
Chicken Fingerz10 Pc.$8.95
Chicken Fingerz20 Pc.$16.79
Buffalo Fingerz®5 Pc.$5.59
Buffalo Fingerz®10 Pc.$10.07
Buffalo Fingerz®20 Pc.$19.03


The House (Garden)$5.59
The House (Fried)$7.83
The House (Grilled)$7.83
The Cobb Zalad (Garden)$5.92
The Cobb Zalad (Fried)$8.16
The Cobb Zalad (Grilled)$8.16
The Caesar (Garden)$5.59
The Caesar (Fried)$7.83
The Caesar (Grilled)$7.83
The Blue (Garden)$5.59
The Blue (Blackened)$7.83
The Blue (Buffaloed)$7.83


Fried White Cheddar Bites$3.68
Onion Rings$3.68
Spicy Fried Mushrooms$3.68
Tater Chips$3.68

Zax Kidz

Kiddie Fingerz$4.47
Buffalo Kiddie Fingerz$4.69
Kiddie Cheese$4.47
Kidz Nibbler$4.47

Sides & Extras

Zax Sauce$0.28
The Nibbler$1.78
Buffalo Zax Snak$4.80
Zax Snak$4.47
Crinkle FriesRegular$1.67
Crinkle FriesLarge$2.23
Side Salad$2.79
Side Caesar Salad$2.79
Chicken Finger$1.22
Buffalo Finger$1.33
Texas ToastBasket$1.67
Chicken SaladCup$3.12
Chicken SaladRegular$5.03
Chicken SaladLarge$10.07


Milkshake (Birthday Cake, Banana Pudding & Chocolate Cookie)$3.68
Fresh-Baked Cookie1 Pc.$0.55
Fresh-Baked Cookies3 Pc.$1.44


Bottled Water$1.67
Apple Juice$1.22
Kidz Beverage$1.11
Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)1 Gallon$5.59

Catering Party Platterz

Chicken Fingerz™ Platter40 Pc.$41.43
Chicken Fingerz™ Platter60 Pc.$55.99
Buffalo Fingerz™ Platter40 Pc.$45.91
Buffalo Fingerz™ Platter60 Pc.$62.71
Zampler Traditional Platter (20 Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings)Regular$44.79
Zampler Traditional Platter (30 Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings)Large$61.59
Zampler Boneless Platter (20 Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings)Regular$40.31
Zampler Boneless Platter (30 Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings)Large$53.75
Buffalo Traditional Platter (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings)Regular$47.03
Buffalo Traditional Platter (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings)Large$63.83
Buffalo Boneless Platter (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings)Regular$42.55
Buffalo Boneless Platter (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings)Large$57.11
Traditional Wings40 Pc.$48.15
Traditional Wings 60 Pc.$64.95
Boneless Wings40 Pc.$39.19
Boneless Wings 60 Pc.$52.63
Chicken Fingerz™ Boxed40 Pc.$35.83
Chicken Fingerz™ Boxed60 Pc.$50.39
Buffalo Fingerz™ Boxed40 Pc.$40.31
Buffalo Fingerz™ Boxed60 Pc.$54.87
Zapler Traditional Boxed (20 Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings)Regular$39.19
Zapler Traditional Boxed (30 Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings)Large$54.87
Zapler Boneless Boxed (20 Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings)Regular$34.71
Zapler Boneless Boxed (30 Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings)Large$48.15
Buffalo Traditional Boxed (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings)Regular$41.43
Buffalo Traditional Boxed (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings)Large$58.23
Buffalo Boneless Boxed (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings)Regular$36.95
Buffalo Boneless Boxed (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings)Large$51.51
Traditional Wings Boxed 40 Pc.$42.55
Traditional Wings Boxed 60 Pc.$59.35
Boneless Wings Boxed40 Pc.$33.59
Boneless Wings Boxed60 Pc.$47.03
Nibblerz Platter20 Pc.$39.19
Nibblerz Go Bag20 Pc.$33.59
Chicken SaladRegular$5.03
Chicken SaladLarge$10.07
Cole SlawRegular$1.44
Cole SlawLarge$2.89
Brownie PlatterRegular$7.83
Brownie PlatterLarge$13.20
Cookie Platter (1 Flavor)Regular$5.59
Cookie Platter (3 Flavors)Large$16.79

Zax Pak Boxed Launch

Includes Chips, Coleslaw & Fresh-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chicken Fingerz Sandwich Box$6.71
Chicken Fingerz Boxed Lunch$6.71
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Box$6.71
Boneless Wing Box5 Pc.$6.71
Nibblerz Box2 Pc.$6.71


Boneless Wings Meal (Limited Time)$6.15