Semana Santa 2017

Plans for Semana Santa 2017 in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is one of my most favorite places in the whole world.  Nestled about 4000 ft above sea level, guarded by volcanoes and God’s net of brilliant astral beings, the cobble stoned roads feel like pathways to paradise.  Throughout the year, it is customary to hear fireworks going off on random days, on random streets in celebration of someone’s birthday or in honor of one of tens of Catholic Holidays.  One of Antigua’s most exciting and passionately celebrated times of the year is during Semana Santa, or Easter Week.

The streets are filled with locals. Thousands of people make the hour to two hour drive (depending on traffic) from Guatemala City to enjoy the mirthful holiday spirit that fills the streets.  Colorful decorations are created on the streets, people dress up in honor of the three wise men and love abounds!

Semana Santa Video in Antigua, Guatemala

Places to Go in Antigua during Semana Santa 2017

Iglesia Merced – This is one of the oldest Churches in Antigua and is on 1a calle.  It is built in traditional colonial style, pained a brilliant pastel yellow.

Vibras – This might sound strange but the primary dance club in Antigua, Guatemala is becoming known for hosting spirit

Parque Central – The central park in Antigua has a beautiful fountain in it’s middle with park benches and hundreds of trees casting much enjoyed shade during the hot days of Semana Santa, and 2017 looks to be hotter then any other before it.  The colonel’s old quarters surround the park and the authentic colonial architecture transports any individual to what certainly seems like simpler times.   This is an ideal place to enjoy your trip to Antigua for Semana Santa, 2017.

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