Well Known Playboy and Environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio Has Recently Pledged 15 Million to Helping the Environment


There are few Hollywood actors around who are as big as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Recently at the acceptance speeches for several industry awards, DiCaprio has been drawing attention to environmental issues.

He addressed the impact that the befouled environment is having on the world, which is something he noticed when the crew for his recent movie the Revenant had a hard time finding a place cold enough for the required environments of the film.

While he has been involved in a few carbon footprint faux pas, like when he borrowed a gas-guzzling yacht, his dedication to the environment has been very admirable.

As a matter of fact, his Leonardo DiCaprio foundation is dedicated to improving the world, and the actor himself has even decided to forgo classic cigarettes in favor of the more environmentally-friendly vaping.


Recently, during an acceptance speech for his Crystal Award for improving the state of the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Leo announced an amazing milestone – his foundation will be donating $15 million to environmental projects.

These projects are designed to reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Help Environment

This generous donation comes at a perfect time for the actor as during awards season, he was making the rounds for the Revenant.

Having won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, DiCaprio has had unique platforms to discuss environmental issues, especially as he has recently had the chance to enjoy some of the most remote locales on the planet.

Having won his first Oscar this year, Leo has done a great job segueing into the needs of the planet versus the wants of society.