A Tale of Generosity: Australian Girl Uses Her Birthday Money to Save Kittens


Looking for an emotional pick me up? Here’s a story that I found that was very inspiring.

Something truly generous happened in Melbourne, Australia last year.

13 year old Lucinda noticed that there were five kittens in her path as she was riding home on her bike.




Seeing that it was raining and fearing for the kitten’s safety, young Lucinda quickly returned home to pick up the kittens and bring them out of the rain.

When she returned, the kittens had suddenly increased their number by nine.


Still worrying for the baby cat’s safety, Lucinda scooped all 14 kittens up and brought them home, where she called the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

The hospital told Lucinda to bring them in, so she used her $50 to grab a taxi and take the newborns to safety.