Pregnant Women Rejoice! Chocolate is Good for your Unborn Child!

A recent study that was conducted in Canada has revealed that those chocolate cravings that pregnant woman experience is actually good for your unborn child.

In fact, eating high-flavonal chocolates while you are pregnant can help boost the growth of the fetus.

Eating dark chocolate while you are expecting will also help prevent preeclampsia. Since dark chocolate is already beneficial to your heart health, it can help prevent this dangerous condition with you are carrying your child.




Study Details

Researchers at the University Laval in Quebec City looked at a total of 129 women who were pregnant with one child, and each of the women were 11 to 14 weeks into the pregnancy.

The women were separated into two groups; one group was given 30 grams of low-favonal milk chocolates each day for a period of 12 weeks. The other group received the same amount of chocolate, but it was high-favonal dark chocolate.

Both of the groups showed improved placental, uterine, and fetal circulation.

The study indicates that no matter the type of chocolate you indulge on, it can have a positive impact on your unborn child’s development.

If you are expecting, grab your favorite chocolate bar and enjoy!