Finish Rich – The Steps You’ll Need to Take to Retire as a Millionaire


For many of us, becoming a millionaire is the essence of the dream.

It can also seem downright unrealistic for many people who are working from nine to five on a daily basis, but financial adviser David Bach feels that becoming a millionaire is an easily attained goal that we should all shoot for.

In his book “Smart Couples Finish Rich,”

Bach outlines the planning steps that you’ll have to undertake to make big money by age 65.

To hit it big, you’ll have to simply start saving two dollars daily when you’re age 20 or about $20.55 a day when you’re age 40. If you follow his plan, you will be a millionaire when it’s time to retire.



Keeping to a savings and investment plan as soon as possible is the most important step that you can take, according to Bach.

As a matter of fact, Bach created a chart of investments that would be needed to hit the one million dollar level by the target age of 65. Effectively, the chart states that with a daily savings of two dollars at age 20, you’ll have a monthly savings of $61 and a yearly savings of $730.

While this only amounts to $32,850 in savings, his chart also assumed on a 12 percent annual return.


While this may seem a bit optimistic, especially considering that most return on investment is set at an historical standard of eight percent, this chart definitely can illustrate what a little bit of investment and foresight can do for your financial betterment.

This chart also illustrates that making money and building wealth is about investing the money that you save and letting interest build on it. This fact is further supported in the acclaimed and popular book “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy.”


In this book, it’s revealed that the majority of the millionaires in the United States invest more than 20 percent of their income and also live at a comfortable, yet lower than their means level. Effectively, earning lots isn’t the end-all-be-all of becoming rich, it’s absolutely imperative that the money you make is invested smartly.